Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just Because

The best part, is that my husband delivered this rose with a latte and scone. I could get used to spoiling like that!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yeah Augmentin!

Seemingly recovered from a miserable weekend, Addie was the life of our morning today.

This is our typical morning. The dogs are whining, Elspeth is "helping" to keep Adwen safe, Addie is wowed by her big sister and Jeremy and I are crazy.

In the midst of it all, I suddenly realized that Addwen was trying to clap. It is a little funny, Ok, it is a lot funny to see her frantically pumping her arms trying to connect, but you can get the picture at the end.

My Sick Day with Mommy, the Photo

My Sick Day With Mommy, the Video

This post brought to you by Adwen and a double ear infection. We spent a LONG time playing in the bath until the steam seemed to help her feel better.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Big Girl Bed

We had no idea Elspeth was interested in a big girl bed until we asked. She was so excited when we took the sides off her crib that we had to talk her into get out of bed.
The sad part is that 5 nights in, she decided to get up at 3:00 in the morning (or at least that is when she woke me up, who knows how long she had been up). By 4:30 that morning, we were putting the sides back on her bed. We hope to try again this weekend, but she has to continue to prove to us that she can make good choices . . .

Friday, January 18, 2008


Maybe because we nearly lost Elspeth at the early weeks of pregnancy, or maybe because we waited seven years before we had her, but I don't think I will ever forget that first magic moment when Jeremy and I heard the heartbeat of our child. Parenthood has created so many of these moments, times when I look in his eyes and see my own heart reflected. Perfect symmetry in our emotions, and I know he is the only one who completely understands how I feel in that moment.

I remember, after trying for a long time to have Addie, the perfect joy as we heard her precious heart beating too. Knowing she would be a little over a year younger than Esther-Faith and within months of Sof (although at the time, we expect Sofia to be "Ben").

As time goes on through parenthood, I have become aware of family in a new way. Elspeth has recently mastered this concept and will go to an empty room and call "Where is my family?" Just to have us come and give her hugs and reassurance that we are her family. She is finally accepting that Addie's family and hers are the same. But, although we are the family she sees daily, she understands so much more than even I do how much our extended family means to us. When after a nice visit, as I am disciplining my elder child, she will frequently say "I want Grandma(Mamgu, Grandpa, or Dactu are equally prevalent here)."

We are so lucky to have siblings who will make the trip to see us, despite the relative lack of things to do in our small town. We are so lucky to have parents who don't seem to fade in their enthusiasm to help out our kids. I joke that Grandma's are neurotic, but I know that when I tell them that Elspeth is now in size 9 shoes and needs new ones, that somehow her shoe collection will be bolstered. I know that these are the people who will patiently wait for Elspeth to get through her thought when she calls to ask for more eggs. There is security in family, these are the people that will take the time to help us understand the needs of a child with life threatening allergies, and help us prepare ourselves and care givers so that risk is minimized. These are the People who love us without regard to how difficult we may be to love at times.

So when I got the call from Michele this week that she and Kevin had heard their child's heartbeat for the first time, I have not been able to shake the emotion around my new niece or nephew's mere existence. I can not stop thinking about the moment they shared when the tech patiently told Michele that it was the baby and not Michele they were listening to. I imagine the look they shared, with their own set of excitement and emotion in preparing for the birth of this precious child. I join the rest of the family in gearing up to support them and their family in whatever challenges they find. I laugh every time we mention Uncle Kevin now and Elspeth patiently explains that he is a "daddy."

So small a heartbeat, but this is our family.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chick Bits

"Crazy like a Daddy"

- Elspeth Paige

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Our friend Rob dubbed the latest nickname for Addie in her pink snowsuit as "Pinkzilla" and I think it will stick. The reality is that the coat does stand out with its immense pinkness, and the 6 month old literally stuffed inside is a bit comical. Don't get the wrong impression, I love the suit (much to my husband's surprise and amusement), when the temp gets below zero, I don't have to worry about her legs sticking out, or anything not being covered. And it has become a legend at school, turning heads as we walk down the hall with Pinkzilla the cute.

January 8th, 2008 - Addie starts to do this on her 6 month birthday. I am not sure which one of us was more surprised by her ability to sit straight while unsupported. She still looks at me with a great big grin when she sits up, she knows she is doing something cool.
A little nibble on Daddy to tide me over while we wait for the pediatrician.

6 Month Well-Baby stats (update here instead of calling everyone):
Weight: 18lbs. 1oz. (90th %)
Height: 28.5 inches (so far above the chart we don't have numbers)
Our 6 month old is roughly the size of a 1 year old. Obviously her recent addition of food to her diet is agreeing with her. We talked to the Dr. about the threat of allergies, and he has a completely different philosophy than our first pediatrician. Since our first pediatrician had a research specialty in allergies, I am torn as to how we will proceed. Jeremy didn't express strong feelings so I gather he feels the same. The long and short, undecided. In the meantime, we are just enjoying our wonderful, beautiful, younger child and are grateful that she is obviously thriving.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Acts of Cute

Moments before I snapped this obvious mug for the camera, Elspeth got upset with Daddy for using the wrong blue bucket - it seems the one he used to rinse her hair was the one she was keeping "chocolate/strawberry cake" in.
The night before this pic, she made a song up during bath that went like this:
You have to be clean and silly if you are a "7" or a "T"
Last night as she prepared for bed, Elspeth summoned me to the bathroom (through her father who was with her) so that she could give me a snow ball she made, when I commented that my "snow ball" was cold, she obliged by putting it in the "oven" for me.
Whatever else may be true about our family, I think it can be safely said, that we do not lack for imagination at Subaru House.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feel Better Soon Mamgu!

Just what I wanted

We were running late this morning (as usual) and Jeremy was trying to shave, dress and manage the baby while I was filling bottles, letting the dogs out and entertaining Elspeth. As I distractedly said "yes dear," I suddenly realized that she had said she had a present for me.

This is one of Ella's favorite games. With our older child, it is not about the having, it is about the getting and giving. She loves the act of present exchange and we have spent hours "wrapping" presents in wash clothes during bath for the fun exchange.

Realizing I was only giving her 1/3 of my attention, I stopped and focused on my beautiful child. There she was with her arm outstretched handing me my present.

"It's a yellow car Mommy, its just just what you wanted."

Funny, but suddenly, I really did want that yellow car, and I slipped it in my pocket for safe keeping. That car is still in my pocket, and every time I pull it out and look at it, I like it a little bit more.

The reality is, that car still belongs to Elspeth, and must be surrendered to its owner upon request; however, today it is a reminder that we don't always know what we want until we have that very thing.

I will confess, there was a day when I thought I wanted a son, but two daughters is just what I wanted. I thought I wanted to be materially rich, but being impecunious and still the richest woman in the world is just what I wanted. I thought I wanted my high powered job at Dell, but the satisfying one that lets me stay home and hug away sickness is just what I wanted. I thought I wanted a big house, but every time the roof doesn't leak our small cozy one is just what I wanted.

I am reminded that we see such a small part of the picture, that we can not possibly know what we want all the time, and I am grateful that God sees our needs before we know we have them. I am grateful that He has a plan and a way, and I see in my life everything that is just what I wanted.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!

We brought in the new year at approximately 7:23 pm, I love friends who don't get picky about little things like "midnight".

Hannah shows off the great tiarra Sylvia got for the little ones.
Ella has tried to wear her hat continuously since receiving it (even trying to convince us this morning that she could wear it instead of a winter hat in negative temps).

Bethany and Noah make New Year's Eve look GOOD! I was terrified that Addie would be afraid of the horns, but this was her reaction. She laughed so hard she gave herself hiccups.

Happy New Year 2008!!

The Preparation

Our first "Some Assembly Required" Christmas, and things are going well.
Elspeth got really excited about Jesus' birthday when she got to help bake a birthday cake for Him.
The is the slowest she was all evening for a shot in the beautiful sweater dress we purchased for Christmas Eve service.
At church, we managed on mediocre family photo (but at least we were all together).
Unable to do anything about the section of lights that burnt out on our pre-lit Christmas tree, we loaded the gifts around the tree and happily went to bed with visions of the perfect Christmas morning dancing in our heads. (Do you get the foreshadowing I'm laying down here?)

The Reality

3:30 am (No Photo Available) - "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!, Daddy!, Daddy!" Rings through the house. Still asleep, we stumble into our elder child's room to realize that she is not feeling well. By the morning, she is bleeding from her ear, and indicator that her sniffles have gone to the dark side.

5:41 am (Mommy's shift starts) - This is the face of my child as the sun dawns on Christmas morning. I am pretty sure that she plans for no one to be merry this day.
6: 40 am (we are all up now) - This is her face when I ask if she wants presents. If you have ever seen my daughter with a present, you know that she is well and truly ill to not leap at the chance to open a gift. Mommy heads to an open pharmacy for Motrin.
7:20 am (The stockings have been opened) - Jeremy and I realize that this is serious and I start looking for options (luckily our clinic had walk-in hours on Christmas day).

Addie's face when she saw the presents under the tree. No, I'm just kidding, our beloved younger child looks like this frequently. I chalk it up to watching the antics of her older sibling.

Merry Christmas from all of Us!