Monday, June 29, 2009

7 Things

7 Things I hope I forget:
1 - Never being rested when my kids were young
2 - The squishy feeling you get when your child vomits down your shirt
3 - The smell when your child vomits down your shirt
4 - Arguing 400 points a day, no matter how trivial (I don't know WHY clocks can't eat pizza, but I am still SURE that they can not eat pizza)
5 - The way my shoulders tense when I know a 4 year old is about to say "I want something else." at dinner
6 - My daughter's phase of announcing every house she goes into as "not clean"
7 - How much I miss them (Jeremy and the kids) when they are away

7 Things I hope I never forget:
1 - Elspeth spontaneously praying that God would make me a new fork when I broke my plastic fork at lunch yesterday.
2 - The way Addie's arms feel when she wraps them around my legs for a quick hug
3 - Silly car games the kids make up, like "over the train track", "under the car bridge", "what do you want to say to the clock", and my FAVORITE, "Things that scare Mommy"
4 - Elspeth announcing that she grew a hug for me over her nap, and that it is bigger than I am
5 - The way they feel in your arms
6 - The unnatural happiness when I hear Addie say "Hi Mommy, I love you" over the phone
7 - How excited they get to learn new things, like why a skunk "stinks you" or about "rattletail" snakes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Joys of House Hunting(Warning Blatant Venting)

Actual Listing Description:

Geourgous 4bd 2Ba Home single level, spilt floor plan master suite has large master bathrooms with double sinks and french doors that leads to the back patio/yard All New Dual pain Windows all thougout the home, all appliances stays including new washer and dryer large barkyard also a small doggie door

The dog is excited about a "barkyard" but I think it sounds noisy. Although I am not sure we would ever open the windows, if it is really a "pain." And what is a "georgous" home? Is that good, cause it kind of sounds like it involves someone named George, and I don't know if we like George. Maybe George is responsible for the "spilt" floor plan, my girls would be happy to take over that responsibility.

I know that spelling is not my strength either. I am sure I will never get desert vs. dessert correct which will be embarrassing more than once while living in the desert(for the record, I got this one right, but I did have to go to the dictionary to double check my facts). However, I think if your livelihood is involved, spell checker might be merited.

I actually asked one realtor to check her facts twice when she told me that a house didn't include a washer/dryer. She sounded a bit angry that I thought it should, and helpfully pointed out that I would have to pay a lot more if I wanted a washer/dryer included. After the second try at information failed, I suggested that maybe her listing was the cause of my confusion, and putting in false information (i.e. saying that it included a washer/dyer) didn't lead to any confidence that the rest of the listing was true. It was then that she ACTUALLY decided to check her facts, and recanted (not politely) that it did have washer/dyer.

That ship has sailed. I only replied the last time to "helpfully" point out to you that your own listing was causing my confusion. Maybe you should have looked at that the first time before you suggested I was stupid for thinking I could get a washer out of you (OK, that was a shameless venting, but it felt good).

Since I am so helpful, I actually thanked a realtor for her colorful listings. I was serious. I have sorted through hundreds at this point, and I am tired of step saver kitchens (which I am fairly certain is realtor for "really small"), must see properties, and this one won't last (even though it has been on the market for months already).

I have had several people comment that I have been kind of quiet online these days. This is why. All my online time is in search of the perfect home. I don't know why I am stressing, Ella looked at pictures of one house and decided that is where we should live. She doesn't care. She just wants a place to call home that involves cacti.

Oh yeah. She thought our last house was paradise. Maybe I am over-thinking this.

Have I mentioned that I hate moving?