Monday, September 29, 2008

Catching Up

I haven't downloaded pics in awhile, so I have resorted to stealing pics from our friends who thoughtfully leave their server open to us for picture theft.

Elspeth and Ethan take advantage of his new pool for one final day of summer fun.

Adwen's interest extends as far as sitting poolside, eating veggie chips (yeah, I count it as health food).
Elspeth Shark (who doesn't chomp anyone).

Max finally wakes from a nap.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Henn Family Friday Fun Dance

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Monday, September 15, 2008

In the News - Volcano Threat Neutralized

Famed explore Elspeth "Larry the Cucumber" Paige (photographed here discovering her left foot, which she calls "Town") recently woke from a nap with a volcano in her room. The threatening volcano moved to the living room of Subaru house where she spent much of her day worrying.

Recognizing that nightmares where imminent, Elpeth's right hand man, Mommy, called famed volcano experts (photograph below - press archives) Mamgu and Dactu Henn regarding the best way to eradicate volcanoes from the living room.

Without hesitation, Dactu stepped up to the plate with the little known fact that volcanoes are afraid of chickens and we need only cluck to scare it away. Dactu's intention to make Elspeth and Mommy cluck backfired, however, when Elspeth was convinced (by Mommy) that ONLY Mamgu and Dactu could cluck just the right way. Luckily, we have speakerphone, the clucking commenced and we did not have any more volcano troubles (including no more nightmares).

Mommy and Daddy were impressed by Mamgu and Dactu's quick thinking, and relieved not to spend repeated visits to Explorer Elspeth's room throughout the night. Grandma and Grandpa be warned, this morning I heard noise about a caterpillar ravaging Elspeth's room. If your phone should ring, it may be in the call of duty for your Caterpillar eradication expertise. It's a tough job, but some body's got to do it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ella With a Camera

Veggie Henns

Elspeth can't get enough Veggie Tales. She loves the videos, she would watch them every day if she was allowed to watch shows every day (week days are generally off limits). Since Mommy had surgery, we have relaxed certain rules temporarily which has led to the following household scenarios . . .

Elspeth: I'm Larry the Cute Cumber!

Daddy: Larry, its time to pick up

Elspeth: Cucumbers don't have hands!

Mommy: Elspeth, I'm Bob the Tomato

Elspeth: No, you are Larry the Cucumber, I am Larry the Cucumber and Adwen is Larry the Cucumber. Daddy is Bob the Tomato. Girls are Cucumbers, and Boys are tomatoes.

Mommy (to Daddy): Did you hear that Daddy, you have a harem of cucumbers around the house (realizing too late that I made a poor word choice).

Elspeth: Mommy, Cucumbers don't have HAIR!! (I will leave her to that misunderstanding)

Other little known facts about cucumbers: They like to run, especially between the living room and family room and back. They are good sharers, especially sharing lovies with little sister. If you have three named "Larry" it is considered good etiquette to differentiate them as "Mommy Larry," "Big Larry," and "Adwen Larry."