Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby got Bling

Addie Kate figured out how to put on necklaces all by herself yesterday. She has been generally decorated since the magical moment that the overhead motion clicked for her . . .


Cowgirl by day

Daddy's girl that night

Monday, October 20, 2008


Addie is in love with Keely Mae. This is good. And this is bad. Addie wants to touch Keely. Keely's hair, Keely's face, Keely's eyeballs. Michele is an indulgent aunt, letting Addie have access, but keeping a close eye and, of course, the constant click of the camera shutter as the two girls discovered each other.

I win!

As our pregnant, and not feeling well, friend Bethe graciously posed for this picture. Michele and I popped our flashes and challenged each other to a posting race.

Bethe is still quite beautiful, even if she doesn't feel it all the time these days. And I have now won the weirdest race I have ever entered.

In your face Michele.

Grandpa Dactu's Girls

I drove 8 hours

Just to take this picture. I meant to attend a party, but my girls lasted 20 minutes before meltdown commenced.

I hear it was a great party.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What 700 Billion Dollars Won't Buy

It won't buy the feeling you get when you hold your first born in the hospital. Or, when you meet your beautiful niece for the first time.

It won't buy the feeling you get when your younger child finally sleeps on the way to meet your newest niece.
It won't buy two goofy girls making room for each other on Kiki's piano bench.
It won't buy the realization that spaghetti is not vile poison.
It won't buy the feeling that your friend Emma is coming to play with you at your favorite place.
It won't buy the moment you realize your tom-boy is still a girl. Or the look on her face when she gets to try on her princess dress for the first time.
It won't buy clean lovies (apparently you need a dishwasher for that).
It CAN NOT buy the feeling that comes with watching Michigan lose. To a team you know they didn't fear. On homecoming (GO ILLINI).
It doesn't make you feel the warm glow of trying something for the first time, and being pretty good at it.
Or the feeling of your younger child sleeping on the way home from meeting your newest niece.

And, apparently economic security.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Daddy called to check on the game Saturday. Adwen has already shown signs that she will NOT be like her sister in just about every possible way, including the phone (we can barely get Elspeth to stay in the same room as phone). Daddy was on speaker phone the whole time, she just likes to hold it up to her ear. . .

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Stolen Photos

Dress Up at Ethan's House!
Addie has officially learned to be a ham for the camera. Above photo was taken before she realized the camera was pointed at her.
And this photo was taken the moment she realized that the camera was pointed her way.
The adults loved the juxtaposition of fireman boots and pink shorts.

In the End Ella decided a Tigger's a wonderful thing. She played like this until we left for the night . . .