Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dangerous Game

A typical family dessert time . . .

Hugging a cactus
Family: Oh, that's dangerous
Addie: I eat pizza and burn my mouth!
Family: Oh, that's dangerous
Mommy: Crossing a parking lot without holding Mommy's hand
Family: Oh that's dangerous
Daddy: Opening the door without Mommy or Daddy
Family: very very dangerous
Elspeth: Jumping off a cliff
Family: Oh, very dangerous
Addie: (she is distracted by ice cream that has somehow fallen in her sleeve and is chasing it up her arm)

Oh yeah, this is thrill seeking Henn family style.

Some other favorite "games?" What will you find in an Easter Egg (chocolate and bouncy balls tops that list) and "What are some nice things to say to friends." are some other frequent games the kids like to play. . .


e4 said...

Sort of reminds me of a game we play, usually in the car. It started when E5 was making up some obvious tall tale and trying to convince us it really happened. Something about him seeing a shootout between some robbers and the police while he was playing outside.

So I countered with, "One time, when I was a baby, I robbed seven banks in one day. And the police never caught me." Or something equally absurd.

That got him to give up his story, and make up a new one even more absurd than mine. Somehow it turned into a game. But whatever the story, it always has to start with "One time when I was a baby...." followed by the most ridiculous thing you can think of. And everybody takes turns.

He'll play that for hours on long car trips. "One time, when I was a baby, I ate a whale. Then I got eaten by an even bigger whale." "One time, when I was a baby, I lived inside a whale for three years." "One time, when I was a baby, I lived on the moon for ten years. And then I flew back down to Earth and turned into a purple polka-dotted grizzly bear." ... and on it goes.

We also use it to distract him if we suspect the truth is getting stretched.

thenn said...

I LOVE it!! Our "games" started as a way to pass the time in long car rides too, and have evolved to after dinner silliness. Jeremy is cooking dinner right now, and I can hardly wait to spring this new one on them. :)